Stepping-Stones group started Monday 6th August 2012. Michael Swift started the group with his own money, to help himself and others who may be isolated, have mental health issues or any other disabilities such as learning difficulties etc.

We first started at Sefton Advocacy, where we knew Alison Ayres who runs the Advocacy in Southport. We started on a Monday, but then moved the day to a Tuesday, as people thought that would be better.

We started arts and crafts where we made a doll's house, which we raffled to raise some money. We started with about 6 or 7 people, then the group became bigger and we had to move to the library. We had the room free at Sefton Advocacy and at the library for a while, but then they wanted to charge us. However we knew a lady called Cheryl who ran the Temperance Hall on London Street, Southport, so we moved there.

We now meet Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. We have just had an Open Day to celebrate our 5th anniversary, where we raised over £200.

The Doll's House below was one of our first Arts and Crafts projects. The group also made the furniture for it. We raffled the Doll's House to raise funds for the group.